Why private training?

Tailored Curriculum. We coordinate with you in advance to create a selection of training topics customized to your goals. Students benefit from an interactive, hands-on learning experience led by a MongoDB engineer. In addition to teaching, instructors consult with students on questions specific to your use cases as part of the course.

Convenient and Effective. Train your team on your own turf and terms. No training is more convenient or more effective than having a MongoDB engineer teach your team together in your offices, scheduled at a time that suits your schedule.

Taught by MongoDB Experts. MongoDB instructors are professionals with substantial experience building MongoDB applications in many different verticals. Leverage their experience to take your project to the next level.

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Private Training Products

MongoDB for Developers. This course covers the MongoDB query language, data modeling, indexes, and an introduction to high availability and scaling in MongoDB. We also address the MongoDB aggregation framework, MapReduce and basic administration. Classes include lessons, hands-on labs and follow-up exercises to teach you how to use MongoDB. After completing this training, participants should be able to develop a wide range of applications backed by MongoDB and do basic administration.

MongoDB for Administrators. This course covers everything operations teams need to know to successfully deploy and maintain MongoDB, diagnose performance issues, import and export data from MongoDB and establish the proper backup and restore routines. After completing this training, participants should be able to deploy, and administer MongoDB applications following best practices.

MongoDB Essentials. For organizations looking to train both developer and operations teams together, we offer a four-day class that combines the essentials from the Developer and DBA classes. The instructor covers best practices for the development and administration of MongoDB with an introduction to the design philosophy and features of MongoDB. You will run through exercises to acquaint you with the query language, indexes, and MongoDB’s scalability and high availability features.

MongoDB Advanced Administrator Training. The instructor leads students through a series of hands-on scenarios that represent potential issues encountered during the normal operation of MongoDB. Each scenario exercises and develops skills in critical areas such as diagnostics, troubleshooting, maintenance, performance tuning, and disaster recovery. By working through these scenarios in a controlled environment, students should develop the ability to confidently and effectively work through issues in production MongoDB systems. This advanced course is appropriate for those who are already familiar with MongoDB.

MongoDB Advanced Developer Training. Students explore schema design case studies on applications representing several important data access patterns. Building the case studies, the class will also complete a series of hands-on labs, in which they build an application backed by MongoDB using the Java or Python programming language. By learning best practices for schema design and putting them into practice, students develop the skills to effectively address complex data modeling and application development challenges using MongoDB. This course is designed for developers who are already familiar with MongoDB.

Featured Customers

Just a few of the nearly 200 customers who have selected private training from MongoDB University.

“Thank you for putting together that MongoDB training last week. That was really, really excellent. It may have been one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. The trainer was so knowledgeable that we could actually ask real questions, and get real answers right away..."

- Robert Rudland, Software Engineer


Expert instructors

Meet a few of our engineers who teach private training across the globe. These are instructors that you can rely on and relate to.

Achille Brighton

Achille Brighton is a consulting engineer who worked with the company for over two and a half years. Prior to joining MongoDB, Achille worked as a consultant for Oracle in the Government, Education and Healthcare (GEH) group for more than 4 years. Achille has assisted over a hundred clients with complex use cases from Fortune 50 to early stage startups.

Achille received his Computer Science degree for Georgia Tech. While considering himself a programmer and software engineer, Achille has always enjoyed working in front of customers in all sorts of roles, including public speaking, training, and general consulting including hands-on implementation work.

Dean Johnson

Dean is a Senior Consulting Engineer for MongoDB with 25 years of previous experience developing software. He has designed and implemented applications across a wide array of industries for many platforms and now focuses that expertise, experience and energy on helping MongoDB's users achieve great things.

Beginning his career writing applications for embedded systems, Dean wrote software for: semiconductor manufacturing automation, neurological monitoring devices, high-speed barcode readers, and mass-market consumer electronic devices. Eventually his interest in the, then budding, internet led Dean to work on several early, enterprise-scale internet applications. Here his focus was on delivering traditional print media and data to online subscribers.

For the most recent 15 years of his career Dean has designed, architected, and implemented software in financial services technology working on both business technology and enterprise infrastructure teams. In the business-facing roles, Dean delivered a variety of trading system applications and components working directly with traders on equities, equity derivatives, block trading, and program/algorithmic trading desks. In the enterprise IT roles he developed components for an internal IaaS platform focusing on automated server provisioning, build and delivery.

Jon Rangel

Jon is a Consulting Manager with over 10 years experience in software development and IT. Since joining MongoDB, Jon has worked closely with clients of all shapes and sizes - from small web startups to Tier 1 banks and telcos - advising on all aspects of running MongoDB at scale and in mission-critical environments.

Prior to MongoDB, Jon provided software engineering and consultancy services to Cisco Systems - developing highly-scalable, mission-critical, distributed software for the service provider routers that power the Internet. Jon has also worked in the insurance and mobile telecoms sectors, where he queried and analyzed large data sets to generate actionable intelligence in household insurance pricing and network planning, respectively. He has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University.