C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam

Next Exam Session

21 Oct 2014 at 17:00 UTC
28 Oct 2014 at 17:00 UTC


About the Exam

The MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Level Exam is intended for individuals with knowledge of the fundamentals of designing and building applications using MongoDB. We recommend this certification for software engineers that know the basics, but may not yet have substantial professional experience developing applications with MongoDB. The knowledge and skills required for certification are detailed below.

Exam Details

  • There are no prerequisites. Anyone may take the exam but we do recommend you takee M101J, M101JS, or M101P in preparation.
  • You may complete the exam at any time, day or night between the start and end dates.
  • Test takers have 90 minutes to complete an exam.
  • All questions are weighted equally. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
  • Exam scores are based on the number of correct answers with an adjustment made for the overall difficulty of the exam as determined by the data and expert assessment.
  • Exam question types are multiple choice, check all that apply, and short hands-on exercises in an in-browser MongoDB shell.
  • Please complete our free web-proctored practice exam before taking the real exam.
  • Exam results will be available 2-3 weeks following the close of the exam period. We need time to review any questions raised by the proctors and calculate exam results.
  • We recommend completing M101J, M101JS, or M101P and getting familiar with additional resources like MongoDB Documentation.

Required MongoDB Knowledge

  • Philosophy & Features: performance, JSON, BSON, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, horizontal scaling, and the Mongo shell
  • CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations
  • Data Modeling: embedding, references, document growth, modeling one-to-one and one-to-many relationships, modeling for atomic operations, modeling tree structures
  • Indexing: single key, compound, multi-key, mechanics, and performance
  • Aggregation: pipeline, operators, memory usage, sort, skip, and limit
  • Replication: configuration, oplog concepts, write concern, elections, failover, and deployment to multiple data centers
  • Sharding: components, when to shard, balancing, shard keys, and hashed shard keys

Required General IT Knowledge

  • Fundamental database concepts
  • Fundamentals of system programming
  • Basic JavaScript programming
  • Fundamentals of software development

Exam Rules

  • To be certified upon passing an exam, test takers must observe the rules below. Video, audio, and computer screen activity will be captured during the exam session and reviewed by exam auditors.
  • During the authentication process, test takers must provide the following when prompted:
    1. A clear photograph of their face
    2. A government-issued photo ID such as a drivers license or passport
    3. A video scan of the testing environment
  • Test takers must be alone in a quiet environment for the duration of the exam. Conversation with anyone else is not permitted.
  • No headphones, radios, televisions, or other computer screens may be used for the duration of the exam.
  • Test takers are permitted to view only the exam. No reference materials, resources, or software other than the exam software may be used.

System Requirements

  1. Mac OS 10.6 or later or Windows 7 or later. Linux is not currently supported.
  2. A working web camera and microphone are also required.