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About this course

This course provides an introduction to Spark and helps students get started using the MongoDB Spark connector to build data analytics applications. We provide an overview of the Spark Scala and Java APIs with plenty of sample code and demonstrations. 


  • Approximately 1 hour of lesson videos plus quizzes
  • All content is available upon registering for the course
  • There are no deadlines
  • Hands-on components to come as we near general availability for the Spark connector


Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Outline the purpose and function of major components in the Spark framework
  • Connect Spark to MongoDB
  • Source data from MongoDB for processing in Spark
  • Write data from Spark into MongoDB


The course does not assume prior knowledge of Spark, but does require an intermediate level of expertise with MongoDB. The suggested prerequisites are a passing grade in M101J or 3-6 months experience developing MongoDB applications in Java or Scala.

System Requirements

  • Web Browser: FireFox 39.0+ or Chrome 43+ (Internet Explorer is currently not supported)
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7+ 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04+ 64-bit, or Windows 8+ (64-bit)
  • MongoDB: 3.2+
  • Software: Vagrant 1.7.4+, VirtualBox 5.0.20+


Chapter 1: Spark and MongoDB


Bryan Reinero

Bryan Reinero is a Product Manager for MongoDB, responsible for analytics and data sciences tools such as the MongoDB connectors for Spark and Business Intelligence. Bryan has had a number of roles at MongoDB, including Developer Advocate, building our community of users, Senior Consulting Engineer, helping users optimize MongoDB for scale and performance and earlier still a contributor to the Java Driver. Bryan was Software Engineering Manager at Valueclick, building and managing large scale marketing applications for advertising, retargeting and real-time bidding. Earlier still, Bryan developed data analysis and signal processing software at the Experimental Physics Branch of Ames Research Center.


  • What is the cost of the class?

    This class is free.

  • What do I need to take this class?

    You will need access to a computer and YouTube. A recent Windows, Mac OS or Linux based machine will work fine.

  • Do I need to be available during a certain hour of the day to watch the course?

    No. The course is composed of short pre-recorded videos and automatically graded quizzes.

  • Will I be able to get help?

    We will be providing online forums where students can help each other. In addition, the instructor(s), teaching assistants and other MongoDB employees will monitor the forums and try to help. Often the fastest answer comes from another student.