This course is retired. It has been replaced by the following courses.
M001: MongoDB Basics M103: Basic Cluster Administration
Learn the fundamentals of MongoDB.
6 Chapters
Learn the essentials of database administration in MongoDB.
4 Chapters
These courses will teach you about the basics of MongoDB, Atlas, and Compass as well as how to administer basic MongoDB deployments with confidence. In M001 you'll learn how to build data models and access patterns to address common application use cases. In M103 you'll learn how to build standalone nodes, replica sets and sharded clusters from scratch. Please review the course about pages for future dates.

M102: FAQ

MongoDB University continuously monitors industry trends and revises the courses to keep pace with changes in technology. To ensure that we offer you the most relevant training opportunities, we regularly introduce new courses and revise or discontinue older courses.

Typically, a course will be retired in one of the following scenarios:

  • The course has been replaced. A new course or courses are released which replaces the previous course and which covers the material in a substantially new manner.
  • If the technology covered in a course is no longer supported by MongoDB, the courseware will typically be retired.
  • Business decisions related to the success of a course or the costs of keeping a course up to date may lead to retirement.
  • Quality concerns may result in course retirement. If quality concerns are identified with a course, it may be retired until the quality can be improved.
MongoDB University updates the course description page and the course will no longer appear on the on the Online Course Catalog and Online Course Schedule pages.
You will continue to see these courses in the "My Courses - Completed Courses" section after their retirement, but attempting to launch a retired course will result in an error message.
No. After a course is retired, you can no longer submit the assignments for it.
The course activity reports reflect your progress on a course at the time of its retirement. For example, if a course is at 80% completion by a student when the course is retired, the course progress graph will show 80% progress. The completion percentage of a course cannot be changed after a course is retired
Yes. The MongoDB University On Demand will retire around the same time.