Practice Exams

Preparing for an exam can be daunting. Exam takers typically prepare by reviewing the MongoDB documentation, taking a free online course from MongoDB University, or reviewing other materials that we make available.

Our Practice Exams make this process simpler. Build confidence by familiarizing yourself with the subject areas and format of the certification exam. After completing your practice exam, identify knowledge gaps by taking a look at your incorrect answers. Each answer has detailed explanations with links to relevant resources.

The Practice Exams were written by the same MongoDB experts who build our Certification Exams. They are the best way to prepare for a certification exam.

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Developer Practice Exam
DBA Practice Exam

Study Guide

In addition to the practice exam is our Study Guide. The Study Guide covers all of the topics on both the Developer and DBA exams. Each section of the guide links to relevant documentation and other online resources. It also covers the practical details of taking the exam, like the computer requirements and exam proctoring.

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